Gun Violence

Readings for 10/7/15

Gun Violence and Public Health Research

Former Rep. Jay Dickey of Arkansas authored an amendment that restricted funding for research into gun violence and its effects on public health. Dickey tells Steve Inskeep he now has deep regrets.



Gun Violence and Mental Health Infographics  

Although gun violence in America is frequently attributed to the availability of firearms, another important factor that we must take into consideration is our nation’s broken mental health system. It is unfair to point fingers at people with mental health disorders when we talk about gun violence — knowing that the increased risk of violence for most mentally ill people is minimal — but when we step back and pair untreated mental health illnesses with substance abuse, the risk doubles, forcing us to exam our mental health system.


Where Congress Stands on Guns

Here is ProPublica's comprehensive look at where lawmakers stand on guns, as well as political spending and voting history.


UT's Campus Carry Policy

An esteemed economics professor at the University of Texas at Austin resigned in the wake of a new open carry law that could allow people to have concealed weapons in college buildings.