Readings for 9/16/15

neighbor procedure 

In February 2007, footage was released of an incident involving Sameh Amira, a 24-year-old Palestinian, who video showed serving as a human shield for a group of Israeli soldiers, getting inside apartments suspected to belong to Palestinian militants ahead of the soldiers. A 15-year-old cousin of Amira and an 11-year-old girl in the West Bank independently told B'Tselem in February 2007 that Israeli soldiers forced each of them in separate incidents to open the door of a neighboring apartment belonging to a suspected militant, get inside ahead of them, and open doors and windows


protests in the zocalo 

Journalists and press freedom groups have expressed growing anger at Mexican authorities’ failure to tackle escalating violence against reporters and activists who dare to speak out against political corruption and organised crime.


Here's an article looking at the way travel is marketed to young EU citizens vs how europe's borders are policed

Laptop on beach is the Robinson Crusoe of the techno-industrial age: a global industrial product appearing as a natural product of self-sufficient labor. There are no power outlets or wifi on the beach of the deserted island, but this doesn’t stop neo-Crusoe from recreating his office environment entirely from scratch, digging into the mountain to mine the metals and minerals required for the motherboard, growing corn from a few seeds he was able to rescue from the wreck to make plastic, and setting up a hydroelectric plant in the waves to produce electricity.


and a deep reading on canes as a signifier of status