Human Sciences' Second Semester

Human Sciences' second semester begins February 8th at our new space. In addition to the Critical Theory Reading Group, we are excited to announce its companion program, Civic Responsibilities.

In the Critical Theory Reading Group, discussion veered toward topical and current events. We therefore felt the need to create a space specifically dedicated to continuing these dialogues and fostering actionable public responses to program content. 

Civic Responsibilities will be offered Monday evenings. Critical Theory Reading Group will continue to meet on Wednesday mornings and will now be available on Wednesday evenings due to increased demand for this programming.


Over the next two months, we will proceed by deconstructing a critical theory-based curriculum into its constitutive parts. 

Introduction to the Study of Aesthetics will examine the relationship between art and the state, city, and body. In the same way, Introduction to the Study of Language will investigate translation, linguistics, signs, and sounds.

Check out the calendar for more specifics on the programs and be sure to sign up for our email list to be connected to course content.