& the Environment

In our last series, we tried to process the new presidency and make sense of the many--and still, sometimes, seemingly vanishingly few--possible ways to resist the administration's agenda. We expect that this is what we'll be talking about, in different ways, for a very long time.

For this next series, then, we wanted to continue to make space to discuss the Things Happening Now while also shifting our focus, at least a little. We've been planning this series, about the way "the environment" (in all the different ways we imagine it) underlines all of the other things we talk about, for a while. With the new administration in place, however, this issue has taken on a new urgency. 

We'll begin the series by specifically discussing the Trump administration's plans to dismantle Obama-era environmental policy, and how to think about those impending losses, as well as how to resist them. We'll follow that class up with one about environmental anxiety: how do we live in increasingly precarious environments? We'll then consider the effect of environmental instability on social stability with a class on war, immigration, and the environment, finally wrapping up with a consideration of how world religions understand and consider the environment. 

That probably sounds dark, and in lots of ways, it is. But throughout this series, we will also take seriously the question of how we live now: how do we find joy, meaning, a sense of connectedness, and even hope in our rapidly changing environment? Come help us figure it out, okay?   

Events (more details via links)
(No Mon. class; President's Day) Wed., February 22 (am class): Trump & the Environment
Mon. February 27 (pm class) and Wed., March 1 (am class): Anxiety & the Environment
Mon. March 6 (pm class) and Wed. March 8 (am class): War, Immigration, & the Environment
Mon. March 13 (pm class) and Wed. March 15 (am class): Religion & the Environment

All evening classes are held at 7pm at the Motion Media Arts Center (2200 Tillery St.)
All morning classes are held at 10am at Flitch Coffee (641 Tillery St.)
All classes are free