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Trump and Toxic Masculinity

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In this class, a continuation of our series on Toxic Masculinity, we'll consider trolling and Trump. What does masculinity look like on the internet (or at least in some of its darker corners), and what is the relationship between those surprisingly complicated demonstrations of chauvinism and the masculinity of the Tweeter-in-Chief? At the same time, how does criticism of Trump itself traffic in discourses of proper male behavior and morphology and phallic shaming?  

Texts (optional, but encouraged):
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump (Dale Beran, Medium)
The New Man of 4Chan (Angela Nagle, The Baffler) (TW: Gun violence, rape threats, murder, racism. Pretty much everything terrible)
PSA: Your Transphobia and Body Shaming Isn't Radical (Meg Sri, Feministing. Re: "The Emperor Has No Balls," the naked statue of Trump)

Extra Credit:
Donald Trump is the Personification of Toxic Masculinity (Touré, The Daily Beast)
Trump, JFK, and the Masculine Mystique (Steven Watts, The National Review)
Trump is a Climax of American Masculinity (James Hamblin, The Atlantic)
Toxic Masculinity and Murder (James Hamblin, The Atlantic)

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