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Feminine Qualities

Continuing our series on Toxic Masculinity, in this class we will begin to consider possible alternatives to the violent, patriarchal bullshit we've been discussing so far. The Heart podcast, "an audio art project about intimacy and humanity," recently did a series on this very issue, and we will use that season as our primary text for this class. The series, "Pansy," looks at what happens when masculinity and femininity meet, and reveals how transgressive and suspect femininity still is even in some queer spaces.  

Texts (optional, but encouraged)
The Heart - "'Pansy': A season where masculinity and femininity meet"  
          Ep 1 - Twirl (20 min)
          Ep 2 - Ultraslut (22 min)
          Ep 3 - The Beloved (19 min)
          Ep 4 - Local Honey (15 min)
Note: if you only have time to listen to some of these, we recommend going in order. 

Extra Credit:
"The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttransexual Manifesto" (Sandy Stone)
"Caring Masculinities: Theorizing an Emerging Concept" (Karla Elliott)

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Trump and Toxic Masculinity
Later Event: April 26
Conversation with Ben Martin - "He"