Human Sciences is an education organization dedicated to fostering insight, understanding, and conversation in our community. The current election cycle is dedicated to 0% of these things. In an attempt to bridge that gap, from now until November 8th we'll be all election, all the time. Every week, in lieu of our usual critical theory reading group, we'll host an open-ended discussion of the election. Before class, we'll also post optional supplementary material (articles, podcasts, videos, etc.) to give our conversation some additional context. Bring your questions, frustrations, a desire to learn about local and national candidates and issues, and anything else that you can't stop thinking about. We promise a substantive discussion, and we welcome all political affiliations. Let's GET INTO IT.

11/2: Super Wednesday
This week, we're going to take a break from the Big Show to discuss the down-ticket candidates and issues, especially the Proposition 1 Mobility Bond. 

Reading for 11/2 (optional, but encouraged):
Left Up to Us Voters Guide
League of Women Voters: Voters Guide
Vote 411 Voter Guide: Argument For and Against Prop 1
The Chronicle's Endorsement of Prop 1
An Oldie but a Goodie from John Oliver on State Legislatures  

10/19: October Surprise
This Wednesday, we're going to think about Trump supporters. Whiteness, and poor whiteness in particular, is a huge topic this election, and we'll pick through the spate of recent articles trying to chart the sometimes surprising ways in which race, class, socioeconomic status, education, and opportunity combine to create the Trump supporter. In a social climate in which we find ourselves increasingly surrounded by people who think exactly as we do, we'll ask how we begin to bridge the huge (yuuuuge), seemingly unbridgeable gap between #Trump2016 and #NeverTrump. 

Reading for 10/19 (optional, but encouraged):
"How the liberal media elite failed working-class Americans" (Sarah Smarsh, The Guardian)
"Trump, or Political Emotions" (Lauren Berlant, The New Inquiry)
"In the Heart of Trump Country" (Larissa MacFarquhar, The New Yorker)
Interview with J. D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy (Rod Dreher, The American Conservative)
"Taking Trump voters’ concerns seriously means listening to what they’re actually saying" (Dylan Matthews, Vox) 
Any and all episodes of this podcast: The United States of Anxiety

Other Things We're Watching/Reading/Listening To/Thinking About:
The video, of course, and why it's so awful
Bust Magazine article: "Is Trump a Trigger?"
The Toast article: "As a Father of Daughters, I Think We Should Treat All Women Like My Daughters"
New Yorker article: "In the Heart of Trump Country"
New Yorker article: "President Trump's First Term" (what he could do, and what he couldn't)
Two great political podcasts: The NPR Politics Podcast (non-partisan) and On the Media (not a fan of Trump, but insightful reporting on lots of things)


The Studium Election Night Party

Join us on election night (which, in case you didn't know, is Tuesday, Nov. 8) to have a drink, bite your nails, and watch the results come in at our new location, the Motion Media Arts Center at 2200 Tillery St. This election is scary. Practice self-care, and don't be alone on election night. 

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