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This series has been created in conjunction with the performance “He” in Austin, TX in April.  The performance is a dystopian meditation on patriarchy and toxic masculinity, and whether or not the possibility exists of restructuring masculinity within a feminist, collaborative, decolonized/decolonizing framework. 

In our classes, we will begin with the basics, thinking through gender-as-performance and how patriarchy shapes those performances. We will then look at a series of articles that consider how toxic masculinity shapes the current administration, before exploring what better modes of being might be out there. Please join us. 

Events (more details via links below as we get classes set up)
Wed. March 29 (am discussion): Gender Failure
Wed. April 5 (am discussion): Understanding Patriarchy
Mon. April 10 (pm film viewing): Young Torless
Wed. April 12 (am discussion): Trump and Toxic Masculinity
Wed. April 19 (am discussion): Feminine Qualities
Wed. April 26 (am discussion): Conversation with Ben Martin - "He"

April 28-29: "He" in performance at MOHA

All evening classes are held at 7pm at the Motion Media Arts Center (2200 Tillery St.)
All morning classes are held at 10am at Flitch Coffee (641 Tillery St.)
All classes are free